Thursday, 14 June 2018

Come to Failcamp!

Come to Failcamp
The UK's first, free unconference about failure.
Share stories of failure, flops, fiascos and frustrations. Support 
your courageous colleagues taking the stage. 
Inspired by our failed success, LibraryCamp, our Nederlander & Svenskar 
collaborators; the Museum of Failure; the reams of research and 
recent recognition about failure, we present FailCamp
Following Open Space Technology, we’ll first meet up as one group. 
Anyone will then have an opportunity to share (confess?) their chosen 
fail and invite others to join a smaller group for an hour, investigating 
it. Your fail can be personal or professional, owned or anonymised, 
it must be yours. 
FailCamp wants to advocate for failure, a catharsis where failure 
is laughed at and a safe place to take it seriously. 

Our statistics are stories

Libraries Unlimited, a Public Service Mutual providing a library service to the public,
have been told by the council to return with “statistics not stories”?
Our statistics are stories.
What’s the standard deviation for a 5 bar gate filled in at the end of a long day?
Our statistics are frequently reported to 6 significant figures (845,866 visits per year).
No library authority can afford the staff necessary to collect statistics to 2 significant figures
(850,000). Our statistics should be reported to one significant figure (800,000)
until we can prove they aren’t stories.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

International, Interactive Innovation | Next Library 2017

Engagement was the name of the game at the Next Library conference held in Aarhus, Denmark, June 11–14. Some 350 librarians from 36 countries gathered at the city’s Dokk1 library to learn and continue to build a global network. Via high intensity, participatory programming such as that offered by creativity expert Christian Byrge and in breakout sessions, attendees were very much part of the program.

The Internet has a Cat!

Meet Purrli, the Online Cat Purr Generator.

Storytelling with Instagram Stories – Medium

Instagram Stories are a relatively new feature introduced by Instagram in August 2016. Many saw them as playing off of the popularity of Snapchat, as they are essentially the same idea. On Instagram, the Stories feature allows users to post a photo to their “Story,” where it will remain for 24 hours. The photo can either be taken within the app or uploaded from the camera roll (although it has to have been taken in the past 24 hours).

What is ‘open data’ and why should we care? | Open Data Institute

10 'light-hearted' reasons why #opendata is important to many aspects of modern life from the ODI

Making Library Makers | School of Library Makers

Making Library Makers course from @artefactors