Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Kazuo Ishiguro at Manchester Central Library

Waterstones and Manchester Libraries are thrilled to welcome Kazuo Ishiguro to Manchester, where he will discuss his first novel in a decade, The Buried Giant.

£20 tickets include a copy of the book so what are you waiting for? Grab yours now! Who says nothing ever happens in libraries!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Open Up! Long Awaited Digital Democracy Report Published Today

Check out the full report and take a look at Helen Milner's excellent blog where she gives more background to the research and reasons for all the Digital Democracy recommendations - there's way more to this than online voting.

So how can libraries play their part?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Librarycamp Flipboard Magazine Will Help Keep You in the Loop

Did you follow the LibraryCamp Flipboard magazine? It's updated daily with tonnes of current library related stories.

Want it?  Download the Flipboard app from your app store, find Librarycamp and follow us. Never miss a library related news story again! Impress your friends and share stories  to your social networks direct from the magazine. You can even create your own magazine too :)

Still not convinced? Read a review of Flipboard from the University of Sussex.

Need more persuasion? Here's a round up of this week's juiciest Flipboard stories...

Kindle Unlimited and the ongoing commoditization of books
What Do You Do With a 3D Printer?
Top Ten Academic Websites 2014
Looking at the Future of Libraries
Announcing the Expect More World Tour
The Ultimate Content Marketing Tools List
NASA Posts a Huge List of Space Sounds and You're Free to Use Them

What are you waiting for - get the app now!

Are you doing great things in your library? Send us a link to the story and we'll add it to the magazine. It's a great way to get your library stories shared - we have 190 FLipboard viewers and our 639 articles have been accessed 3071 times!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

This Free MOOC Will Make You a Better Library Advocate

Become a powerful advocate for the values and future of libraries and librarianship. The Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto is hosting the Library Advocacy Unshushed: Values, Evidence, Action MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) and it's free to join.

The MOOC takes an inspired, strategic, evidence-based approach to advocacy for the future of strong communities – cities, villages, universities and colleges, research and development centres, businesses, and not-for-profits.

Activities include lecture videos, quizzes, discussion groups and a final assignment. It's all free - sign up now!

We salute you Toronto iSchool!

Friday, 23 January 2015

A Crafty Competition to Reuse Old Books at Oldham Libraries

Oldham Libraries are running an Upcycle a Book competition showcasing crafty ways to reuse old books. Check out these creative examples.

Feeling inspired? It's easy to enter the competition. Simply pick up a book from your local Oldham library and get creative. The winner will be announced on National Libraries Day on Saturday 7th February.

You can view all the entries and vote for the winner on the Oldham Libraries Upcycle a Book Facebook page.

Nice work Oldham Libraries!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Blackpool Libraries Launch Awesome eBook Campaign

No matter how brilliant you think your library ebook service is you still need to tell people about it. That's just what Blackpool Libraries (follow them on Twitter) are doing via free sessions to help people download ebooks.

And it's a great poster! We're loving the comic book infographic style. Plus the writing is warm and welcoming with some really useful content. 

Good work Blackpool! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Turn your library into a community platform - join a National Library Science Experiment

Tap into the artistic and design skills of your community then archive and share the results via your library. Public and community-led library leaders throughout England have been invited to consider setting up Common Libraries to complement their existing offer to service users. Every library authority in England (plus 230 community run libraries) has been invited to join a National Library Science Experiment. Has your library service signed up? The deadline is Thursday 15 January so you need to get your skates on.

Common Libraries host weekly events where local people can come together to share their knowledge and know-how in an informal or social setting and peer-to-peer format. But, at their heart, Common Libraries comprise of a living archive developed by their users – ‘how-to’ instructions and kits contributed by local people to help others complete an exercise that provides an insight into what they know or care about.
"Whilst the ‘give-get’ library remains very much in its infancy, the intention is to develop a library that is complimentary to the more traditional public library service – one that is comprised of the local knowledge and know-how to be contained within MakerBoxes." Carnegie UK Trust - Enterprising Libraries: The Waiting Room

In 1931 the noted Indian librarian and mathematician, Ranganathan, proposed a theory for the operation of libraries based on five simple laws:

  1. Books are for use
  2. For every reader his [or her] book
  3. For every book its reader
  4. Save the time of the reader
  5. The library is a growing organism

Common Libraries would like to work with libraries and their users to test the potential for local or common knowledge and know-how to impact the fifth law – by prototyping Common Libraries with funding from Arts Council England.

Every library service has been sent a Maker Instruction Kit and each box contains an invitation to join the project plus instructions for a variety of projects from cooking to cross stitch, finger knitting to making a pinhole camera.

Add the instruction sets to your library management system, display them in your library and encourage your members to borrow them. Each instruction sheet has been created by an artist or craftsperson, designer or maker who wants to share their knowledge.

Here's an example developed at the Waiting Room by Clare Sams introducing people to Cross Stitch.

The Common Libraries team hope that library users will also want to begin contributing their knowledge and know-how to the Common Libraries you establish – via an online  user submission form. If they receive submissions from library users in your area, they will contact your library service to explore whether they would  like to become a fully-fledged Common Library in April 2015.
Apply for Additional Support
In addition to joining the National Library Science Experiment, library authorities and community-led libraries in England are invited to:
  • Apply to receive hands-on support to help you engage your creative communities and assess local interest in establishing Common Libraries right away;
  • Apply to become 1 of 5 libraries hosting Maker Instruction Sets as well as Maker Kits to help us assess interest in them across the country; and/or
  • Apply to attend a free event to learn more about Common Libraries, experience hacking and making first-hand, and hear about the outcome of this experiment in March 2015. To apply to attend an event in Newcastle or London, please register through Eventbrite.