Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What Happened to Jeffrey Beall’s List of (Allegedly) Predatory Publishers? | Debunking Denialism

Jeffrey Beall is an academic librarian at the Auraria Library at University of Colorado Denver located in Denver, Colorado. He got tenure in 2012 and became an associate professor. For a number of years, he has maintained and curated a blacklist of allegedly (he calls it “potential, possible, or probable”) predatory open access publishers.

Presenting the IFLA Wikipedia Opportunities Papers

@IFLA just released white paper: Opportunities for Public Libraries and Wikipedia #1lib1ref

We Bought It, We Own It, We Fix It: Building Open Policies for Digital Public Goods - Creative Commons

Today’s topic for Copyright Week is “You Bought It, You Own It, You Fix It”, which means that copyright law shouldn’t interfere with your freedom to own your stuff however you see fit: to repair it, tinker with it, recycle it, use it on any device, lend it, and then give it away (or re-sell it) when you’re done.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

4 Content Discovery Platforms You May Not Be Aware Of | Social Media Today

Pushing library related news and innovative projects out there is what we try to do on our Twitter feed. Finding and sharing new stuff is a daily task and the tools most used are Feedly, Flipboard, Reddit, Twitter, Google Alerts and IFTTT. It's always useful to find more new ones so I'll give these a go and post a review later.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Columbus Metropolitan Library Kicks Off a Fine Free 2017 » Public Libraries Online

"Columbus Metropolitan Library Kicks Off a Fine Free 2017" — Claire Back (@calire) January 9, 2017

A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet: Welcome to the 21st Century: 45 Resources on Coding

Favorite tweet: Want to get your students #coding? @cybrarian77 has pulled together online resources #schoolibraries — CILIP (@CILIPinfo) January 10, 2017