Tuesday 4 September 2012

Cake Camp

If you've been to a library camp before you know it's not all about the sessions, connections, ideas and meeting new people. But also about eating cake :) Lovely tasty cake. And biscuits. And cheese sticks. And quiche. And all the other goodies that people have made in preparation for previous library camps (examples).

Cake has been one of the main ingredients for the success of library camps and (as the legend goes) was one of the first ideas mentioned during the birth of Library Camp UK 2011. It has been pointed out that the cake might not just be for show but also help keep blood sugar levels high, so that people stayed enthusiastic and engaged throughout the day.

So if you know a great cake recipe please make a cake for us (and you). There will be other food avaible of course but as cake camp is an important part of the event we would appreciate any contributions. Don't worry if you've never baked before - nobody will judge you, and you'll get many more recipes and tips to try from fellow bakers.
Please make sure to label your cake to indicate vegan, gluten free etc. Please also put the name of the cake and your own name/Twitter name on the label, e.g. Chocolate cake @bumsonseats. Or even give your cake a QR code. Add your cake recipes (and cravings) to the wiki, where you can also find information on hotels, parking, the venue and more. Looking forward to seeing you (and your cake) on the day!

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  1. This just be my ticket into a good catering company in sydney. After all, who doesn't like dessert?