Wednesday 3 October 2012

25 reasons to come to Librarycamp (and the cake ain't one)

Image from the local image collection at Manchester Libraries

Here's a summary of all the session proposals so far...more juicy details on the wiki

Gamification in libraries
Working abroad
Librarians without libraries
Open source software
Using Pinterest and other experimental social media tool
Supporting diverse learners
Storytelling workshop
Librarians on Film: The Search for Stars
#uklibchat LIVE! Careers
The Roaming library
Designing The Human Centred Library
Public engagement within an academic library
LGBTQ library workers and also services for LGBTQ customers
Volunteers in libraries
Can we create a more meaningful campaign for libraries?
On being told to "F^&k Off, you C%^t" how do you respond?
Classification- why are things put where they are?
iPad lending - does it make sense?
Mental health in libraries and librarianship
Librarycamp non-digital hack day
Games for Information Literacy
Open Source software and cultural change
Book Repairs
University resource centres, mobile learning and open access
How to organise your own librarycamp

Woohoo. Bring it on ;)

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