Wednesday 23 January 2013

Find images for your blog with PhotoPin

Do you struggle to find photos for your blog, Pinterest boards or library Facebook page? Well struggle no more and use PhotoPin instead. It's a neat site, easy to use and though the search results can sometimes be a little wacky, you will find some beautiful images. Can you guess what I searched for in the above image?

Here's some more info from the site..

PhotoPin helps bloggers find photos for their blog and makes adding them to their post fast and easy.

Just search for any topic using the search box (ex: "HDR", "wedding shoes", etc.), preview the photo, and click "get photo" to download the photo as well as the proper attribution link.

PhotoPin uses the Flickr API and searches creative commons photos to use for your blog. (Note: we are not associated with Flickr in any way, other than powering our search results using their API.) If you find the tool useful, please share it with your friends so we can keep building and refining the service.

Who's behind this? Max & Sameer (Not to be confused with Sam & Max, though it's an eerily similar dynamic). Max is a reformed digital nomad. Sameer is a coding ninja.

Here are some more searchy screengrabs for your viewing pleasure.



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