Friday 25 January 2013

Library assistants! Why go to a librarycamp?

Why should library assistants go to LibraryCamp? We asked on Twitter and you responded….*
"Organising a LibraryCamp gave me a massive boost in confidence. I gained l lots of experience I wouldn’t normally get in my day job. It was a brilliant feeling bringing all those people together. And thinking ‘I started that!’ It also enable me to work with people much more experienced than me so I learnt a lot about organising. It was exhilarating. Am already planning a mini-Plymouth LibraryCamp for the new year."
"Because then you have ownership of your career rather than handing it to your employer…"
"If you want to see how things can be done better and see people who still haven’t lost enthusiasm for library services, then go!"
"I think there is huge value there for networking & conversation."
"I can’t think of a reason why it isn’t good for them…all staff have good ideas."
"Because Library Camp is a totally non-hierarchical concept and that’s the beauty of it - everyone is listened too equally. Having been a library assistant for 11 years now I have a lot to say about the front line experience & at library camp it’s heard."
"I like Library Camp because it is much easier to contribute to discussions or give presentations in a relaxed informal setting. Library Camp is also good because it’s free, on the weekend, a great way to network and to try different cakes!" < TOP ANSWER :)
"Because everyone who works in a library has ideas that are worth sharing and developing."
"Because they are often the people who best understand how the service needs to adapt and who bring freshest thinking."
"Library assistants  need an encouraging environment to start expressing themselves. Once started you can’t shut them up!"
"I’ve taken back ideas I’ve discovered at librarycamp and Mashed Libraries, presented them to managers and a couple have been implemented! Librarycamps are a fantastic and free professional development opportunity."

"It's a chance to show people who still use the phrase 'library professionals,' that all staff who work in libraries are professionals - it's just a qualification - it's your attitude that counts!"
So there you have it - conclusive proof that it’s worth attending LibraryCamp whatever your job title!

*We asked on Twitter about 8 months ago...this article is republished from our old blog. Got an opinion...please share in the comments :) NEWSFLASH Read Ben Lee's article on Librarycamp, innovation and frontline staff over at the CILIP NW newsletter.

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