Thursday 30 May 2013

LibCampUK13 Update

We thought we'd update y'all with where we are, with respect to this year's event. Due to reasons in our personal lives (all good; house moving and Open Uni courses) our fund-raising isn't as successful, this year, as it was at this point last year. We are working towards the creation of a salaried position to address this.

We don't expect this financial deficit to be a problem, the accumulated energy around Library Camp maintains a 'social surplus'. Already, before any details have been announced, over a hundred potential attendees signed up to our UK13 mailing list, many in addition to the 200+ from last year. Sponsorship letters and brochures for Library Camp UK13 will be mailed out within the next month. If you know any potential sponsors please let us know.

We are expecting a further 'social stimulus' when we get to spread the word and preach unconferences at this years CILIP Umbrella conference. If you're going to be there look out for us, we'll be under the Unbrella and maybe out for a pint later on that night ;)

Our social media base continues to expand rapidly suggesting a keen interest among the digitally literate. But even though we are constantly in contact with libraries and librarians on the ground, the lack of public library staff is a major concern. A concern we hope to exploit by encouraging active library campers to invite public library staff along.

For this years camp we are talking to more venues in the Birmingham area and a particularly impressive venue in the very centre of the city. This year a later date than last year, is pencilled in to our diary, if you're interested in coming along we'd recommend you keep the last couple of Saturdays in November free.

(Photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc)

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