Wednesday 4 September 2013

Adventures in Crowdfunding...

What an adventure! We can't quite the believe the reaction to the Librarycamp 2013 Crowdfunder campaign. It's only day two and the fund has reached £440. That's 89% of the target (if my CSE maths serves me correctly). Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far.

We'd already raised £900 from our very generous sponsors and the final push for £500 will pay for the final venue costs (and coffee) and if we have any left over we can continue to support the regional librarycamps that are popping up across the UK and in Ireland. So far we've been able to donate £50 to them when we've had the funds. The Library of Birmingham have been very generous so we don't need to raise as much as in previous years and this year we're pretty confident we can do it all for £1500 and still keep the the tickets free. That's why we are so grateful to you for donating to the Crowdfunder pitch. It makes such a big difference and without your help we couldn't put the event on at all.

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