Saturday 1 February 2014

16 ways to improve public libraries

Did you catch the 'improving council library services' debate on the Guardian last week. Sue Lawson was representing Librarycamp and is jolly happy she managed to include 16 recommendations including:

Free unlimited wifi in all public libraries
Librarygame - find out more
Hackspaces and makerspaces partnerships with libraries
Code clubs in libraries - visit CodeClub
Expect more from library vendors (a mobile catalogue at no extra cost ffs, it is the 21st Century!)
Complacent librarians
Wonderful volunteers
Automatic library membership when you pay your council tax
Eli Neiburger's Delta Ahead: Diversifying the Value of Public Libraries
Prof RD Lankes and his ideas on the mission of librarians
Lending stuff like telescopes and sewing machines
Basing librarians in hospitals and jobcentres
Community publishing at the library - I Street Press or The Library Press
DRM free downloads (for keepsies) of local bands from the library website - Ann Arbor's Magnatune
A national library staff training MOOC with coursework contributed by all grades of library staff
And DRM is rubbish

She's disappointed she just couldn't squeeze in:

Council open data being on the library catalogue
Unconferences as self organised training for council staff
Patron driven acquisition in public libraries. (If we all accept supplier selection we should have community selection too - just sayin'). 
Ah well. There's always next time.

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