Thursday 20 February 2014

School Library Camps

Earlier this year Darren Flynn from Dixons Allerton Academy told us about a series of camps for school libraries he was involved in organising. One or two emails later and BOOM! This lands in our laps.

News on the School Library Camps front – we’ve now got 4 camps ready to go for the 14th June (London, Glasgow, Manchester & Leeds) with possibly a further one in Birmingham ready to launch soon. We’ve gotten all 4 sorted without the need for any sponsorship through free venues so that’s a bonus also! I wondered if you could do a post for me on the Library Camp blog, something along the lines of (though put it in your own voice if you prefer!);

“Exciting news for those interested in school libraries; a flurry of school library camps taking place up, down and across the country. On Saturday 14th June, there will be four, yes four, school library camps held simultaneously in different locations;

North West (Manchester);
Yorkshire (Leeds);
Scotland (Glasgow);

The hope is to link up all these different camps with tech to create a national school library conversation and share ideas across the land. So, if you’ve an interest in school library services, get yourself along to your nearest camp.”

The London event is a little more erm..‘rigid’ than a traditional library camp but that’s how they wanted it, it’s more a hybrid Lib TeachMeet but I figure attendees there can virtually sit-in on another session at another camp if they like.
I’m promoting through the School Lib Assoc and School Library Group too so hopefully we’ll get events ‘selling out’ soon J


Great news Darren and respect due to the other organisers. 

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  1. Details for the Midlands School Library Camp are below:

    School Library Camp 2014 will take place on Saturday June 14th, 10:30-3:30pm at Malvern St.James School in Worcestershire.

    Book your FREE place here: