Tuesday 10 June 2014

We're Crowdfunding The First National Public Libraries Festival

Well, here we are. After 6 months of false starts, trials and tribulations the National Public Libraries Festival Crowdfunder is go. Once or twice the whole project came close to getting mothballed. But, due to our astonishing tenacity and audacity, not to mention the kind words of encouragement and firm kicks to our collective arses from friends, the appeal is going ahead.

We've been called many things for attempting a project of this magnitude and often asked "Why, just why?" Our best answer is "Because no-one else is, and we think that's wrong". Wrong, that no one sees the fiftieth anniversary of the Public Libraries and Museums Act as worth celebrating, recognising and having a bit of a do for.

Yes, we know that it's over 150 years since the 1850 act, really though -  how often is that Act mentioned in the press? Very bloody rarely. All too often the 1964 Act is dragged into another argument to defend a view as to exactly how Public Libraries should provide a comprehensive and efficient service.

It's time the '64 Act was given a party and allowed to put on its poshest frock, get a little tipsy and flirt with the public at large.

We want this festival to be as anarchically entertaining as the camps, fuelled with the same chaotic enterprise that makes the unconferences so damned appealing.

Be part of something new - feel super good about supporting this splendid event and Crowdfund an explosion of summer fun at the first free Public Libraries Festival. Put your hand in your pocket and donate to the Crowdfunder campaign so we can give you a summer festival that celebrates public libraries, past present and future.

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