Sunday 25 January 2015

The Librarycamp Flipboard Magazine Will Help Keep You in the Loop

Did you follow the LibraryCamp Flipboard magazine? It's updated daily with tonnes of current library related stories.

Want it?  Download the Flipboard app from your app store, find Librarycamp and follow us. Never miss a library related news story again! Impress your friends and share stories  to your social networks direct from the magazine. You can even create your own magazine too :)

Still not convinced? Read a review of Flipboard from the University of Sussex.

Need more persuasion? Here's a round up of this week's juiciest Flipboard stories...

Kindle Unlimited and the ongoing commoditization of books
What Do You Do With a 3D Printer?
Top Ten Academic Websites 2014
Looking at the Future of Libraries
Announcing the Expect More World Tour
The Ultimate Content Marketing Tools List
NASA Posts a Huge List of Space Sounds and You're Free to Use Them

What are you waiting for - get the app now!

Are you doing great things in your library? Send us a link to the story and we'll add it to the magazine. It's a great way to get your library stories shared - we have 190 FLipboard viewers and our 639 articles have been accessed 3071 times!

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