Tuesday 10 January 2017

Next Library Conference Success

Back in November Librarycamp submitted an interactive workshop proposal to the Next Library Conference. Last week we heard the amazing news -  our proposal has been accepted!

Naturally, like all things Librarycamp, there's a twist, but it's a mighty fine one. We'll be co-presenting with Joyce Sternheim and Rob Bruijnzeels from the Ministry of Imagination, based in the Netherlands.

We're delighted to be collaborating internationally and to be working with such an experienced and dynamic duo. It seems like a great fit and more details of the workshop will be posted on the Next Library website next week.

We can't say too much until then, but our hot topic is staff and community empowerment in the development of participatory libraries. Rob and Joyce will be sharing their methodology and ideas - you'll find more at The Ministry of Imagination website. Librarycamp's Richard and Sue will be helping participants pitch their ideas, accept risks and try and get past 'No'.

The Next Library organisers have generously donated one free ticket for the conference to Library camp, but we need two and that's £375 and need to fund travel to Denmark. Soooooo we're going to be trying to raise the money asap - so watch this space if you'd like to help send us to Denmark!

Well, that's just a quick outline and more details will be published soon. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter at @librarycamp.

We also hope to see you at the Next Library conference in Aarhus in June and invite you to  join our workshop!

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