Wednesday 8 February 2017

Next Library Interactive Workshops Announced

I love the interactive nature of the Next Library 2017 workshops and the fact you can contribute to the sessions online, even if you're not going. What a good idea for all conferences! Also you don't have to attend Next 17 to be part of the Next community - anyone can sign up and join in at the website.

Here are the interactive sessions published online so far

Open Data Mon Amour (Yay, big up UK public libraries!)
Aude Charillion, Luke Burton

Connection through Collection (Yay, 
big up UK public libraries!)
Rob Bruijnzeels, Joyce Sternheim, Richard Veevers, Sue Lawson (LibraryCamp)

Amos Blanton, LEGO Idea Studio Manager, The LEGO Foundation
Christian Hansen, Project Manager, Libraries of Billund
Julka Älmquist: Anthropologist, Jeppe Knudsen: Anthropologist, Trent Miller: Visual artist + Library Transformer/ Madison Public Library, Sara Bindeballe: Music staff/ Dokk1
Marianne Krogbæk: Designer/ ITK/Dokk1

Smart Libraries
Thomas Skov Jensen:  Information Consultant at DTU Library, DK, Andrew Cranfield: Team Leader at DTU Library, DK, Lars Binau: Team Leader at DTU Library, DK

Beyond Digital Literacy
Chris Coward: Director, Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA), University of Washington Information School, Amira Dhalla: Lead, Women and Web Literacy and Mozilla Clubs. Mozilla, Grif Peterson: Learning Lead, P2PU, Jason Yip: Assistant Professor, University of Washington Information School
Dr. Michael Stephens, Mylee Joseph, Jan Holmquist
Patti Manolis, CEO, Geelong Regional Library Corporation (Australia) Jenny Ruffy, Manager, Information and Arts, Monash City Council (Australia) Annie Talve, Principal, Project Sisu (Australia)

Christian Ertmann-Christiansen: Business Developer at DBC, Madeleine Saunte: Strategic Consultant at DBC

Cleide Fernandes, Vanessa Labigalini, Daniela Greeb, Marnie Webb, Richard Abisla 

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