Thursday 17 October 2013

Librarycamp slidedeck from Internet Librarian International 2013 - now with added MOOC

Here's the presentation we (Penny Andrews, Richard Veevers and Sue Lawson) did at Internet Librarian International yesterday. After an early start for us all, we had a great time, delivered a good show and received some great comments. It was great to be in London, however brief.

If you can't be bothered to watch just go to the last slide where you'll find the good stuff about Penny's forthcoming MOOC announced at the conference yesterday and via Twitter.

Oct 16, 3:58pm via TweetDeck
So the big announcement is out there - I'm building a @LibraryCamp MOOC to be released as OERs as well as supported course #ili2013 #openCPD

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  1. Thank you Penny Andrews, Sue Lawson, and Richard Veevers for an inspiring and moving session! For those who missed the session: It is well worth looking into Librarycamp!