Thursday 31 October 2013

Librarycamp 2013 session proposals

Take a peek at some of the sessions already proposed for Librarycamp 2013. More will be added on the morning of the event, at LibraryCamp attendees set the agenda on the day of the event. With more than 200 people signed up, tickets are now sold out, but if there is something you want to talk about, share or learn it's definitely worth adding your names to the waiting list, as there are sure to be cancellations nearer the time. See you there?

  1. Librarybox 2.0.
  2.  Am I the only public library assistant here?
  3. Encouraging innovation in our libraries 
  4. Library publishers are shit. 
  5. Am I still a librarian? 
  6. What do LibraryCampers  think about the new Library of Birmingham?
  7. library people all over the world 
  8. Are you a bunhead? Proposal idea withdrawn due to existential crisis enveloping the proposer. Sorry.
  9. Management and libraries. 
  10. Dramatic confidence & grandiose speechifying or your money back!*
  11. Librarians: The Movie: Episode III.
  12. Third sector librarian without a library -
  13. What services do public libraries offer jobseekers
  14. A game of Mafia
  15. Supporting language learning in Higher Education. 
  16. Evidence-based librarianship
  17. Learning to teach. 
  18. How to engage reluctant readers. 
  19. What is to be done with CILIP?
  20. Proving the value of public libraries: 
  21. Copyright Ninjas – Rebels with a Cause!
  22. Demonstrating value college students, to tutors, to management?
    For Future Reference 
  23. Create a national public library website
  24. Are public libraries safe under local authority control? 

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