Wednesday 20 November 2013

#LibCampUK13 #SnackCamp #CakeCamp


It really is over a year since nearly two hundred librarians gathered in a room in Birmingham and between them set about the challenges and righting injustices that faced the service. Oh, yeah and needlecraft.

Since then librarians from as far afield as London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Radical ;) have espoused the Open Space mantra and it's law of two feet: If at any point you aren't contributing, use your two feet to find a conversation where you can.

All the tickets went as quickly as we'd expected and we understand the enthusiasm of signing up for an event, only for the enthusiasm to wear off at 6am on a cold, wet Saturday morning in November, with or without a hangover. So please let us know, as soon as you know you won't be able to come along, more than fifty people on our waitlist are ready to snap your tickets up.

This year #cakecamp is to be accompanied by #snackcamp. Both of which will be judged, of course, personally and professionally by your peers. We sincerely hope you’ll use this opportunity to showcase your favourite foodstuffs. Rest assured that if exposing your culinary credentials to all and sundry isn’t your cup of tiramisu there are two eateries in the library and plenty more within 5 mins walk.

Our coup-de-gras this year is the apres-camp. Apparently after previous camps some attendees have had the temerity to organise a visit to the most convenient licensed premises. Generally behaving in a less than librarian-like way. This year our intention is to reign in these rapscally neer-do-wells, the Library of Birmingham has agreed to provide us with the exclusive use of their Rotunda Bar for the evening.

Of course it goes without saying, if you have any questions, queries, comments or karma you’d like to bestow on us, email or tweet and we’ll reply as quickly as our respective employers will let us.

Photo credit: RG&B via photopin cc

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