Tuesday 26 November 2013

It's coming...

...the day is almost upon us (again)! Librarycamp is on 30 November 2013 - so with less than a week to go we just wanted to remind you of a couple of things:

If you really, really can't make it...
Please do let us know in plenty of time, it might mean someone else can take your place. Why on earth would you want to deprive someone of a ticket to LibraryCamp? Why? WHY?!?!?!??! Email us (librarycamp@yahoo.com) as soon as you know, please!

All the directions....
Here's where you need to be and when: Studio Theatre, (ground floor) Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2ND. (Parking and travel information at http://www.birmingham-rep.co.uk/visit/getting-here/ better info than the library page!)
Be there for about 9.30am if you can so you can get settled in before things kick off at 10am. Many thanks of course to the Library of Birmingham for being our hosts this year - hopefully they will get as much out of the day as we all will. The day will be finished at around 5pm when we’ll all walk off together holding hands to the super flashy Book Rotunda and bar for some drinks and that.

The basics
Remember, LibraryCamp is an unconference where the sessions are pitched by attendees, rather than dreamt up by some mysterious committee. There are already some great ideas for potential sessions at http://libcampuk13.wikispaces.com/session+proposals so do go and check those out and get stuck in! There’s also the usual load of chatter happening on Twitter via the hashtag #libcampuk13 - Follow that hashtag!

Remember to bring something to eat! There are several sandwich places nearby and when we visited last Sunday there was a tasty looking jerk chicken stall and a falafel stall outside Paradise Forum two minutes from the Library.

Friday night
We left it a bit late to organise anything official for Friday but a few of us are going out for a now traditional pre-Librarycamp curry at the Milan http://www.milanindiancuisine.co.uk. Coming? Add your name to the wiki so we know how many places to book http://libcampuk13.wikispaces.com/Friday+Night%2C+Saturday+Night+and+Sunday+Morning And no doubt revellers will be getting together somewhere for a few jars. Keep an eye on the hashtag on Twitter to see where people are congregating so you can join - or avoid - them.

Saturday night
We did get it together for Saturday night though. Come and join us at the fabulous Book Rotunda in the Library of Birmingham. We've hired a bar! Now we need you :)

Kind people
People say that LibraryCamp is a free event. It really isn't. Lots of people donate to make it happen and here they are, so let's be lovely to them:

The Crowdfunders http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/libcampuk2013/backers/
Ken Chad Consulting
Tinder Foundation
Public and Mobile Libraries Group (CILIP)

Think that's it...bring enthusiasm. Bring ideas. Bring cakes. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Woohoo!

Sue and Richard and Penny
Sue thnomad@gmail.com
Tweet @librarycamp


  1. Where can we post links to blogs about the day? (@mainlymazza)

  2. Hi
    many are being bookmarked on Pinboard at www.pinboard.in/t:libcampuk13 and we've asked people to add their blogs/write ups etc. to this collaborative Google Doc http://s.coop/1tqgy. We'll be adding more blog posts links throughout the next fortnight. Sue :)