Friday 1 August 2014

LibraryCamp 2014 Tickets Available Now!

We are pleased to announce the fourth annual LibraryCamp unconference, happening at Newcastle City Library on Saturday 13 September. The event is free and the theme is improving libraries. LibraryCamp is open to all - you don't need to work in a library and we'd urge you to come and experience an unconference if you've not been before., especially if you work in a public library. 

Please tell your colleagues about Librarycamp and share via your social networks! Tickets are available now on EventBrite.

The theme of LibraryCamp is improving libraries and at a librarycamp the participants lead the agenda – in fact, there isn’t an agenda until people make suggestions for what they’d like to talk about at the start of the day. It’s open to anyone: public/private/whatever sector and you don't have to work in a library. It’s free to attend and there are no keynotes speakers - anyone can suggest, facilitate or lead a session and sessions can take many forms - workshops, show and tell, debate, how to, collaboration, hands on. Past sessions at LibraryCamp have included:

  • How to establish a unified online presence for UK public libraries
  • Demonstrating value of college libraries
  • Are public libraries safe under local authority control?
  • DRM is rubbish - How to strip the DRM from an ebook
  • How to run a Code Club and intro to Scratch
  • LibraryBox: filesharing in the wild
  • Developing a new library advocacy model
  • Open source software for libraries

Librarycamp is run by volunteers and has been running since 2011. Any questions? Please get in touch with Richard or Sue.

Would you like to sponsor LibraryCamp. There are loads of good reasons to sponsor this annual grassroots unconference.  Please get in touch with Richard or Sue.

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  1. Congratulations on not being defeated by a potato salad on Kickstarter. Hopefully see you there in some capacity. James,