Monday 21 July 2014

Sponsor LibraryCamp 2014 and feel good!

LibraryCamp 2014 takes place on Saturday 13 September in glorious Newcastle. Our  hosts - Newcastle Libraries - have generously provided the venue for free, but we would like to feed and water 200 campers so we are looking for sponsorship to help us do this.

LibraryCamp is a non profit organisation run by volunteers Sue Lawson and Richard Veevers plus a supportive network of more volunteers  across the UK. By sponsoring LibraryCamp your organisation is supporting a grass roots project with a mission to improve libraries via innovative unconferences with attendees form  across the library world and beyond.

LibraryCamp 2011 Photo credit: davepattern via photopin cc

Librarycamps are a great place to engage with a wide audience of people in the library community  from library assistants to shambrarians and heads of services to newly qualified staff. And it's not just library types that attend either; there are students, hackers, artists and enthusiasts alike - even library members! The great thing about LibraryCamp is the mix of people, all coming together to share their knowledge and to make links within their community and beyond.

LibraryCamp is one of the most exciting and innovative events in the library year, with an attendance of over 200 people in 2013. Sponsor the event and increase your organisation's reach to the UK  library communitiy and feel good for supporting a non profit, DIY event.

LibraryCamp 2013 Photo credit: Sasha Taylor via photopin cc

Owing to the success of previous LibraryCamp events, content generated via blogs, tweets, photos and word of mouth means your organisation is seen online by a large number of people, before, during and after the event. Some of our previous sponsors have included; DigiEnable, OCLC, SWETS, LibraryGame, Ken Chad Consulting, Red Quadrant and Shared Intelligence.

We'd love to add you you the list!

Photo credit: Sasha Taylor via photopin cc

Why do we need sponsorship? LibraryCamp is run by volunteers who give up their free time to put on the event. The event is entirely free to attend, but it's not free to put on. In order to keep LibraryCamp free, sponsorship is needed in order to feed and water the attendees as well as other expenses such as equipment hire. We need to raise a minimum of £1000 to put on 2014's event.

If you’re interested in sponsoring LibraryCamp, why not contact us?

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