Sunday 20 July 2014

We're back! LibraryCamp hits the north

Newsflash! Tickets available now >>

We"re back!
And we're super excited to announce LibraryCamp 2014 is going to be happening in the beautiful city of Newcastle. We hope this means more campers can attend from the north and from Scotland and we'd urge you to come and experience an unconference if you've not been before.

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Thank you to our super generous hosts, Newcastle Libraries and our LibraryCamp friends in the North who have arranged a spiffing venue at Newcastle Library. 

Please do add Saturday 13 September to your diaries and sign up on the EventBrite expression of interest list. Although the list isn't a guaranteed ticket it does mean you'll find out first when the actual tickets are released. It also really helps us gauge numbers and catering requirements. 


As ever, the theme of LibraryCamp is improving libraries. In July 2011, a small group of UK library staff began brainstorming how libraries can avoid extinction, reinvent themselves and strengthen their role as vital parts of their communities. With that, LibraryCamp was borne! Directly inspired by UK GovCamp, the virgin library campers set about creating an unconference with a focus on improving and transforming libraries. 

Who can come?

Anyone and everyone! This is definitely not an event exclusively for library staff. LibraryCamp is open to all. You definitely don't need to work in a library - and we'd welcome LOTS more non library folk. Plus we need more input from public library staff. It doesn't matter what your job title is - you just need to have an opinion, have something to share, teach or discuss!

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What happens?

Librarycamp is a user generated unconference for people interested in libraries. The theme of LibraryCamp is improving and transforming libraries. 

At a librarycamp the participants lead the agenda – in fact, there isn’t an agenda until people make suggestions for what they’d like to talk about at the start of the day. 

It’s free to attend and there are no keynote speakers. It’s open to anyone: public/private/whatever sector and you don't have to work in a library.

Anyone can facilitate or lead a session and sessions can take many forms - it could be a workshop, a show and tell, a learning opportunity, something you want to discuss, a chance to create something and collaborate on new projects. Past sessions at LibraryCamp have included such classics as:

  • A single online presence for public libraries
  • Evidence-based librarianship
  • Learning to teach
  • Copyright Ninjas – Rebels with a Cause
  • Demonstrating value of college students, to tutors, to managers
  • Are public libraries safe under local authority control?
  • Singing and rhyme time for relaxation
  • How to strip the DRM from an ebook
  • How to run a Code Club and intro to Scratch
  • LibraryBox filesharing in the wild
  • Developing a new library advocacy model
  • Open source software for libraries
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